Still Life with Green and White

Green Dream

Another 11×14 still life with some things I had and some things from the second-hand store; french fabric, a candle, a green and white painted bottle and a white luster vase. The flowers were in the clearance cart at the grocery. I am trying a new (to me) green on my palette, namely chromium oxide. I like it, but am not sure it’s really needed. I have always enjoyed mixing my own greens. It’s fun to try something new, though and this might be handy in the Spring when green really dominates. This is an oil on Centurion panel. The majority of the piece is painted alla prima, but I made a few adjustments to the shapes today (i.e. corrections).

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Back in the Saddle

Still Life with Apples and Clementines

Hello Friends! Well, it’s been awhile since I posted any work – had some health issues, had to take some time off and am now doing well. Feels so good to be painting again. Here is an alla prima still life from yesterday (Saturday). The painting is an 11×14 oil on Centurion panel.

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Another Still Life Painting

Honeysuckle and Pottery

A few last things gathered from the garden, along with a collection of pottery. This is an 11×14 oil on panel.

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Choosing a background to set the mood for your still life painting

Single Rose in a Glass

I’ve been looking at the work of different painters I admire (Manet, some contemporaries and Emil Carlsen in particular) to understand not only how they achieve realism, but also a sense of harmony or quietude in their work. I notice Carlsen often repeated colors taken from his subject, but changed the temperature or texture to move them back and to bring the subjects forward. I made this little study with his technique in mind. Originally, I used a very warm orange/brown underpainting, some of which still peeks through to keep the greens from going dead. This is an oil painting on panel and measures 9×12.

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Alla prima still life with Roses and Wine

Wine and Roses

Tom bought these white roses for me last Saturday. As if ellipses weren’t challenging enough! Painting roses adds to the difficulty, I’m beginning to understand that simpler is better. This still life is an 11×14 oil on panel – painted today.

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Flowers en Plein Air

Hibiscus en Plein Air

This is a plein air piece from last year’s University City Plein Air event. That evening after the event, I painted with Sandy Graeser Haynes on the grounds of the Community Center. It was pure pleasure. This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel. I’ve been going through some of my older paintings trying to decide whether they are worth saving or just junk!

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Dark Pink Roses symbolize ‘Gratitude’


I read that dark pink roses symbolize ‘gratitude’ and that’s what I’m feeling lately. Grateful for friends, family and other special people I’ve had the good fortune to come across in my life. This painting is a 12×12 oil on panel. The name of the rose is ‘Topaz’ and these were painted from life in two sittings.

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Autumn Still Life

Autumn Still Life

A still life with white pumpkin, gourds and mums to celebrate the recent cool weather – finally! The painting is a 12×16 oil on panel. It was painted in two sessions.

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Floral Still Life

Still Life with Carnations

Still Life with Carnations

A floral still life – 12×16 oil on panel. I tried using a round brush instead of my usual flats – need more practice!

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Chasing Patterns

Figs and Flowers

Eye candy for today – a busy still life painting…I imagined a late Summer picnic table set with fun fabric and patterns. The black and green figs from the grocery and the small zinnias from our garden seemed to add just the right amount of delicacy and color to offset the stripes of the tablecloth and the bold blue and white napkin. This is a 12×16 oil on panel. Hope you like it.

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