View from Frenchman’s Bluff – Cuivre River State Park

Frenchman's_Bluff Painted this from some reference photos I took at the overlook from the trail. I painted, posted, wiped off the upper half and repainted. Photographs are wonderful for shapes, but not so much for value, light and color. I’m trying to be more ruthless about wiping off, if I’m not satisfied with a color or effect. Shawn Cornell inspired that. I took a workshop with him and his dad, David Cornell during which we were encouraged to mix and remix color until we were satisfied with the result. It made me realize that I must take more time before putting paint to surface. There are aspects to painting that must be executed quickly, but others that should be more measured and thoughtful – it’s part of the appeal for me. No formulae will make you a good painter. It’s about training your eyes, your touch and learning what your tools will do. I have too many pieces that are almost good, but for lack of patience or observation! Anyway, I encourage you all to visit this park – it will soothe your soul.

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