St. Louis City Garden

Grace and Strength

Grace and Strength

Painted in the St. Louis City Garden this morning with Jan. It was a perfect morning and this graceful sculpture ‘Tai Chi Single Whip’ was calling my name. Jan and I both painted the same subject but from different angles. I used a landscape format and Jan used a portrait format. We had a critique afterwards, and exchanged some valuable observations. Painting with another artist is a great way to shorten your learning curve and it’s really instructive to see another painter work out a challenging subject.

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4 Responses to St. Louis City Garden

  1. Judy Stroup says:

    A beautiful painting. It just glows with light and color. Your brushwork is great. I’m enjoying following your blog. Keep up the beautiful work.


  2. Jan Trager says:

    I love what you did with this painting. The background is soft and you just get a nice feeling of how beautiful the air was that day.


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