In a rabbit-less world…

Jan's Gate

Jan’s Gate

My friend Jan and I got together in her and her husband, James’ beautiful garden to paint this past Saturday.  I chose to paint the entrance gate to the garden and to exclude the tall rabbit/deer/woodchuck critter fence surrounding it.  When I asked James and Jan about naming the painting, James just sighed and said that’s how it would look in a rabbit-less world. In reality it’s beautiful even with the fence – honestly, I just didn’t have the patience to include it.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect for painting outside. Thanks Jan and James for inviting me to your lovely home and thanks Jan, my friend,  for your honest, inciteful and expert advice, as always.  The painting is an 11×14 oil on panel.

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1 Response to In a rabbit-less world…

  1. ReyShelley says:

    Beautiful work!


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