Taking Another Swing…

Jar of Shells

Jar of Shells

I wanted to take another swing at this subject, because my drawing/perspective was so bad on the first try. I think this is somewhat improved as far as the jar lid shape and size. For this version, I used a different background to make the shells stand out a little more and added the starfish to (hopefully) enhance the composition. When painting alla prima, I usually don’t draw my composition onto the canvas. I lay it out with a few brush marks and then start to paint the darkest areas. I should have checked my layout more carefully during the first try. I proceeded a little more carefully with this version and checked my shape and value relationships. I also tried to be more aware of hard vs. soft edges. It’s a struggle for me to make elliptical shapes with a brush! I’ve been using brights and flats mostly, lately. Maybe it would be easier with a round brush – something to try. Please feel free to critique my work. Thoughtfully considered comments are always welcome. This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel.

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