Augusta Plein Air Event, cont’d.

Farm Pond in Spring – unframed

Farm Pond in Spring – framed

Here is a another painting from the Augusta Plein Air Event. About 15 artists took a workshop with artist Patrick Saunders on April 21st. We were graciously hosted by the owners of Sadler Farm and Vineyards. I chose to work on this painting of their farm pond. The water lilies were just starting to bloom and the day was overcast with light rain. You can just pick up some areas on the painting surface where the rain made little impressions in the oil paint (a good thing). Patrick is a very patient and kind instructor and has an incredible eye. He suggested a few things to help me, among them to work the water from warm to cool going top to bottom. The sky was visible at the bottom of the painting and the light was cool that day, so it all made sense. I frequently jump into a painting and trust my skills of observation when mixing color. His suggestions made me realize that it’s good to have a strategy or game plan along with direct observation and to be more mindful of this when painting plein air, especially. The painting is an 11×14 oil on panel. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece. If you buy it by April 30th, part of the proceeds will go to the event. Thanks for checking in to my blog! I really appreciate your interest.

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