Ponce Market – Atlanta, GA


My sister and I visited my niece this past week in Atlanta and we had a wonderful time. She took us to several places in the city on Saturday. Among them, the Ponce Market. An old Sears catalog center has been converted to shops, restaurants and flats and we spent some time walking and shopping there. As we were leaving, I spotted these lobsters on ice in a market case. The bin they were in was actually shaped like a little boat, but I thought it might be confusing in the painting, so I made it more box-like. Not sure if this was a shop or a restaurant, but if anyone knows please message me. Atlanta is a beautiful city for walking. The painting is a 16×20 oil on panel.

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2 Responses to Ponce Market – Atlanta, GA

  1. Alison Levine says:

    I love your work, Dawn! My brother and his family live near Atlanta:) I go there every year.


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