Conch – Study

Conch Shell

Today’s piece is a small alla prima painting of a very large shell. This is a conch from Bermuda (not collected by me). The painting doesn’t really do the shell justice – it’s beautiful with multiple color shifts and beautiful textures from smooth to jagged and rough. I might have to give this another go! This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel.

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3 Responses to Conch – Study

  1. aprilrainsfineart says:

    I love the colors on the conch so much. The way you handled back makes it look like it has a shimmer to it. I’m curious to see how you might approach this a second time if you decide to do that, but regardless, this painting is lovely


    • dwagnerart says:

      Thank-you aprilrainsfineart! I am thinking of working the edges, where the shell meets the background with more subtlety – some sharper, some disappearing. I would also like to try some different background colors. Thanks so much for following me and for your comment.

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      • aprilrainsfineart says:

        Even better XD I would love to see that if you decide to go through with it!
        My pleasure 🙂


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