Winter Portrait

Paul in Winter

A drawing of my nephew, Paul. He lives way up north in WI. Hopefully, he won’t look this cold again ’til next year! The drawing is charcoal and graphite on Strathmore paper and measures roughly 12×16.

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Brook Trout

Paul’s Brook Trout

My nephew Paul sent me a picture of this beautiful trout last Fall. He caught it in Wisconsin, where he lives. Paul loves the outdoors and he knows I love to paint fish! He also sent me a pic of a nice German Brown Trout – still have to tackle that one. Good catch, Paul and thanks for the inspiration – hope you like the painting, oil on panel approximately 9×14.

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Late Bloomer

Amaryllis I

My late re-blooming Amaryllis from past years. I didn’t think they would make it this year because the plant and soil looked so depleted (no thanks to my gardening skills), but here they are! It’s Spring in my patio door window. This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel. I used a palette knife for the background.

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Conch- Study II

Conch Shell II

Another version of the Conch painting today. I’ve been looking at Emil Carlsen’s still life paintings again – they are pure beauty. I tried to scumble my background with a painting knife to achieve effects similar to his (if only). I also tried to keep this study in a higher key, like some of his latter paintings. This is a 9×12 oil on panel, hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking.

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Conch – Study

Conch Shell

Today’s piece is a small alla prima painting of a very large shell. This is a conch from Bermuda (not collected by me). The painting doesn’t really do the shell justice – it’s beautiful with multiple color shifts and beautiful textures from smooth to jagged and rough. I might have to give this another go! This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel.

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African Violets


A little color for this dreary day in STL. I love grey but am ready for some more saturated color – bring it on tomorrow first day of Spring! This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel, painted alla prima today (the last day of Winter!).

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Still Life with Julep Cup

Still Life with Julep Cup

My painting for today with Chrysanthemum and Peruvian Lilies in a silver julep cup. This painting was made from life in one sitting and is an 11×14 oil on Centurion panel. I tried to keep the contrast low and to use a high key to match the subtlety of the colors in the flowers. Hope that worked!

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

Tom’s Valentine

Not much to say here, just hoping to bring some beauty to the day. 9×12 oil on Centurion panel.

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Mississippi River in Winter


I painted with MOPAPA this morning and only lasted two hours. We were near the Audubon Center at Riverlands. It is so cold by the river – froze my fingers and toes! This painting was completed at home from memory. I had all the color notes completed on site, but could not work the brushes well enough with my cold hands to complete it. Shawn Cornell suggested I try finishing it from memory, which I didn’t believe I could do. Once home, I gave it a shot anyway, mostly for the challenge. It’s surprising how much you notice and store in your (albeit frozen) brain when you’re outside. This painting is a 9×12 oil on panel…c’mon Spring!


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It’s Cold Outside…

House Finch

We took all of the Christmas decorations down, except for this wreath! This House Finch has been resting here under the front door light every night since the cold snap started. I used reference photos to make this painting. He wasn’t afraid enough of the cold to stay there with me gawking at him. The painting is an alla prima oil on 12×16 Arches oil paper. Friends and family – this may be my Christmas card next year!

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